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Hello, my name is Livia Hooson.

My name is Livia and I am a writer. It is in my nature to lean in closer to the sounds and sights around me, especially when I am moved by something. I want to respire the very DNA of  of the subjects I encounter; the locales, objects, sceneries, relationships, celebrations, musicals, fabrics, edibles, faces, controversies and conversations that I exist with. Drawn by curiosity to the details of why things are the way they are and their vibrant textures and stories is what brings me here to these pages. This is the unabridged, still-in-the-works, experimental development of my commentary and visual captures of life in California and my travels beyond. 

On the worst of days I am waiting for answers to drop from the sky, and on the best of days I go hunting for them.


From the streets of Washington D.C. to Wilmington CA. I am meditating on these pages, sharing conversations between the red states and blue, talking to spiritualists and CEO's, asking questions about the fashion and food industry, and exploring what it means to be a modern-day mystic without a monastery. From open letters to the president, to fevered love songs, to observations from under the bed and relics from my grand-fathers garage. I am quenching a thirst to see more of the story, a widening of the lens if you will, that exposes the boundlessness of humanity. When I find one answer it seems to only lead to an infinite supply of more questions. 

Yet the more I listen, the more I find a commonality between us and them, and this is what that keeps me hunting, bare handed with a Canon lens and camcorder on my hip. Engage here with me while I plunge into environmental journalism with a solution-based approach meant to empower you to turn desired activism into action. 


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