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Shakti Roots

Shakti Roots: Prayer Beads for the Fashionably Divine

     For me, Shakti Roots is about listening to oneself.  It is about taking the time to acknowledge what you desire and to balance this with equal gratitude. I often feel people don’t allow themselves to freely desire all the aspects of a beautiful life, instead, negating their honest attractions before they can even come to full bodied fruition. I find myself doing this subconsciously as well!  Shakti Roots are here to remind you that it is about the simple acknowledgement of self empowerment through awareness that your desires can become a reality. It is about sitting still in a chaotic world and listening to your own intuition, the need for clarity and the prayers for others, the yearning for a better world, a better relationship, a better job, to wish for more trust, more meaningful relationships, more quality moments, more freedom, less judgement, more laughter, more education, more opportunity, more diversity. We as humans are multi-faceted and our needs are great. We crave comfort and love and nourishment and spiritual expansion. We can have all of these if we listen to what we honestly want and learn how to support one another in each of our personal journey’s. Expanding your own awareness means consciously recognizing the people in our space and listening to them as patiently and as respectfully as we listen to ourselves...wear with care and rock on gods and goddesses! 

Shakti Roots = The manifestation of divinity, energy and power are in your hands.
     This jewelry project comes from a place of artistic discovery and self love.  They are more than adornments...
     Each Shakti Roots necklace comes with a custom mantra created by me and inspired by the stones and energy from each unique prayer bead. 
<< Made with traditional rudraksha seeds used in prayer beads for Hinduism and complimented with stones, crystals and glass beads from India and Nepal and sourced from local shops across Los Angeles. Made locally in Malibu, CA. >> 

a taste of the collection...
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